[QtCreator] Non-qt-qmake *huge* projects - memory

  • For non-qt-qmake huge projects qt creator takes a lot of time in parsing making UI chopped and unresponsive. It takes about 900MB ~ 1,1GB RAM. I must stop parsing every time I start working on that particular project.

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    What kind of build system are you using? How huge is that project of yours?

    Yes, creator will take quite a lot of memory when used with huge projects: It needs to extract and store all the symbols used, etc.

    I do not consider 1.1GB too big though.

  • I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 32bit with a makefile project or cmake (QtCreator 2.7). Examples of projects are MariaDB or LibreOffice(in a git repo is about 60k files but I can't tell you now how many headers or symbols) or PCL library for example. You may consider 1,1GB not too much, but UI os really unresponsive and I had to switch to emacs for those projects. And maybe it is not wise to use memory at will. It's a pity, I love Qtcreator.

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