How make a Qt5.01 GUI.exe with Windows7 & Mingwc ?[solved]

  • Hello,
    I follow some instruction for creating un app_gui.exe (Qt5.01) on windows 7 dsktop and Mingwc, from the Qt appli that running nicely, but when i run it from my desktop folder i get a message about "need QtCored.dll", so i put it in the folder but that ask for another dll and again and again...

    So what ? impossible to make a app_gui running in solo without the complete Lib ?
    Some experiment user can drive me on a smart way to do it ?

  • Thanks, i got a message about Make when i use complier now...

    What needed in the configure option ?

  • Certainly it is one way to use static linking. However, check the license implications.

    If you do not want to find out about the required dlls each time of a restart, you can use "dependency walker": to find out.

  • koahnig: thanks for this, that could help.

    In deployement doc:
    @cd C:\path\to\Qt
    configure -static <any other options you need>@

    What mean :any other options you need

    Is it better installing : Qt4.8.4(mingW) and QtCreator 2.7 or Qt5.01(mingW) ?
    Is it neccessary install independant MingW also to make other way to complil ?

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