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[SOLVED] QtInternals: Using D-pointer in custom classes?

  • Hello guys, I want to ask you, wether it is possible to use Qt's internal "framework" of managing Pimpl (I mean using macros: Q_Q, Q_D), or I have to create my own (which won't collide with Qt's one)?

  • I think that using these macros "as is" (i.e. you don't re-define them) for your own classes will not "collide" with Qt's code. But you have to be aware that anything that is not part of the "public" Qt API, but only used internally, might be subject to change in future versions without notice or taking care of backward compatibility.

  • Yea, but I have realised that it's almost impossible to use internals headers (QWidgetData) so there is only one way to do it - custom implementation. (QED).

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