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Connecting to a web service using Qt5.0.1

  • Hello,

    I am working with microsoft visual studio 2010, c++ project with Qt5.0.1.

    I try to connect to remote web service, but I cant find the right connect(..) function to use.

    here is my code:

    QNetworkAccessManager* m_pNetworkManager = new QNetworkAccessManager();
    QString qstrWSPathData = QString::fromWCharArray((LPCTSTR)WSPathData, WSPathData.GetLength());

    QUrl url(qstrWSPathData);
    QNetworkRequest request;

    QNetworkReply* currentReply = m_pNetworkManager->get(request);

    connect(m_pNetworkManager ,
    SIGNAL ( finished(QNetworkReply*) ),
    SLOT ( onResult(QNetworkReply*)) );

    I took the connect(..) function from an example over the internet, and i can't compile it right..
    Can someone tell me what connect(..) method should I use and what is the header file it exist??

    Thank you very much!


  • Hi!

    For better readability please wrap your code in "@" tags.
    In order to compile Qt with networking, you need to add this to your project file:
    @QT += network@

    Qt network headers:
    @#include <QNetworkAccessManager>
    #include <QNetworkReply>@

    Your connect function looks correct.

    If it still doesn't works, post error you're getting.


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