QT Wont create program that dont fall

  • Like a month ago i've started to learn in QT, wrote some basic programs and then i have noticed that there is QT5 :)
    So i have installed it and now i cant build a program that wont fail - even from blank template (QT - desktop aplication)

    Have any ideas what can i do? Reinstall is not helpfull.

    Im on win using mingw.

  • Fails how? Won't compile? Won't link? Won't run in development environment? Won't run when deployed? Where are you running it? How have you deployed it? We are not mind readers.

  • Sorry, i wrote it late.
    By program i mean successfully built program (*.exe) which ends with return val -1073741511.
    It does this in both debug and release build env.
    Im launching it just by pressing ctrl+r.

    Hope this helps...

  • -1073741511 = 0xC0000139 DLL Not found
    Something that the program is dependent on is not available in the runtime environment. Is your empty project configured to use the Build Environment at run time under Projects?

  • Just updated to 5.0.2 and it is solved, everything is working fine now :)

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