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Use 'QtConcurrent::run()' with a static member function

  • Greetings.

    I want to use 'QtConcurrent::run()' with a static member function of a class that I developed, but it generates a compiler error.

    I read the documentation of this function and review of <QtConcurrentRun>. This explains how to use 'QtConcurrent::run()' with a class member function (and that is how I trying to use it), but do not know if the fact that it is a static member function can affect.

    Thanks in advance for any answers and/or suggestions

  • A static member function behaves basically like a non-member function (except that you prepend the class scope of course).
    void someNonMemberFunction() {}

    class SomeClass
    static void someStaticMemberFunction() {}


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