Automatically add suffix to the filename with QFileDialog?

  • under linux, even I set default suffix, it is not added to the filename, such as "xxx", is it normal under linux?
    @ QFileDialog filedialog(this);
    QString filename = filedialog.getSaveFileName(this,tr("Save Stepping File"), ".", tr("Stepping files (*.spf)"));

  • If I read the docs about the setDefaultSuffix it works just like it should. It is stated that it is normally used to select the file type in the QFileDialog. You also do this with the filter (Stepping files (*.spf)). The suffix is the same as this. What might work is something like setDefaultSuffix("xxx.spf"). Never used it, but might work. Good luck trying!

  • tried the same code under windows, works fine. seems it is not working under linux.

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