Unable to display items of QListWidget

  • Hi...

    I have a problem in displaying the QListWidget ..

    When i have create the QListWidget from the drag and drop menu..and used like this

    @ui->listWidget->addItem("Hello") @

    ,its working fyn and displaying int the form when i execute.

    But if i do the same in this manner,

    @QListWidgetItem q1=new QListWidgetItem("hello",list,i);

    ui->listWidgetItem->addItem(q1); @

    The above code compiles with no errors,but in the list widget i am unable to find the item.

    Does anyone please sort out this problem..

    Thanks in advance....

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  • You forgot * before pointer variable(before q1 variable)

  • I was thinking on the same but I am really suprised that it provides clean compile...

  • [quote author="VCsala" date="1292775020"]I was thinking on the same but I am really suprised that it provides clean compile...[/quote]

    Me too, I tested it just. My compiler said:

    conversion from ‘QListWidgetItem*’ to non-scalar type ‘QListWidgetItem’ requested

  • i forgot to put a * there,i actually put it in my program,missed it out here..

    it is

    QListWidgetItem *q1=new QListWidgetItem(“hello”,list,i);

    [edit: Code highlighting / Vass]

  • It is a good idea (at least for the next time) to use '@' around your code which makes syntax highlighted and more readable.

  • [quote author="endla.ravi" date="1292774037"]ui->listWidgetItem->addItem(q1);[/quote]

    Is this correct (listWidgetItem or listWidget)?

  • Show more code, please.
    I don't understand, what is , what is list, why you set parent list, but adding item to ui->listWidget

  • I think this should look something like this:

    @QListWidgetItem *q1 = new QListWidgetItem("hello", ui->listWidget);@

    And, according to the documentation, this will add the item to the list too, so it is not required to call the addItem.

    If you have a sorted list, the above line has an undeterministic behaviour. In this case set the second paramater (parent) of the constructor to 0 and use ui->listWidget->insertItem(...) to insert the new item.

  • @all,thanQ..

    I sorted out the problem..

  • Maybe it is a good idea to share what was the issue and how you have solved it.

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