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Qt5 (How to install an addon/ module like Qt Location for instance)

  • Hello dear all!

    I installed QtSDk 5.0.1 under Ubuntu this evening and the maintanance tool provides "Remove all components" only.

    I would like to add the add-on/ module Qt Location to my Qt5 installation.

    Tried to build/ install it from source (cloned from git:// qtlocation seems to depend on qt-quick3d.
    How do I have to proceed to build and install all (incl. docs, imports etc.) into the tree under $QTDIR?

    git clone git://
    cd qtlocation
    sudo which qmake
    sudo make sub-src-qmake_all
    sudo make install

    But I had no success.

    Hope to find some help here!

    Best regards from Hamburg

  • Note that the latest Qt 3D and Qt Location may not build against Qt 5.0.x. You may need to use Qt 5.1.x

    Clone and build Qt 3D

    git clone git://
    cd qt3d
    qmake # from qt5
    make docs
    sudo make install

    Clone and build Qt Location
    git clone git://
    cd qtlocation
    qmake # from qt5
    make docs
    sudo make install

  • Wow, what a quick reply!

    I'm going to re-try the build of the latest Qt5 sources tomorrow.
    Is it possible to implement/ consider any of the accepted additional modules
    during the build process of qt itself?

    git clone git://
    (cd qt5/.../ here?)
    git clone git://
    git clone git://

    And then
    cd qt5
    ./configure (...) # consider additional modules here??
    make -j X
    make install

  • Yes that is possible. Add the clones as you did above then you need to add those modules to the file.

  • Hi amccarthy

    bq. you need to add those modules to the file.

    How do I do that?

    I tried it by adding
    addModule(qt3d, qtbase)
    addModule(qt-quick3d, qtbase, qt3d, qtdeclarative)
    addModule(qtlocation, qtbase, qt3d, qt-quick3d, qtdeclarative)


    I ran
    qtbase/bin/qmake -recursive;
    make -j 5 all;

    Another question:

    I added
    [submodule "qt3d"]
    path = qt3d
    url = git://
    [submodule "qt-quick3d"]
    path = qt-quick3d
    url = git://
    [submodule "qtlocation"]
    path = qtlocation
    url = git://

    to the file .gitmodules and ran
    perl init-repository

    But it had no effect!?

    I needed to clone the additional modules manually like described above. Any ideas?

    Best regards

  • init-repository wont reinitialise the repo. IIRC it checks if qtbase has been cloned and aborts. Unless you pass the -f flag. I suggest

    @init-repository --no-update -f@

    which will clone new submodules and not touch existing submodules. Or just clone manually.

    The qt-quick3d module is not required. It was the old name for qt3d.

    Your addModule syntax is wrong. The dependency arguments are a space separated list. You want something like:

    @addModule(qtlocation, qtbase, qtdeclarative qt3d)@

  • Hi!

    Thanks for your advice!

    Going to try that these days.
    I think there is a cookbook for the whole procedure of
    building and installing Qt (incl. an example use of add-on module(s), build/ install docs, build/ install qtcreator) needed.

    I have not enough knowledge, to write something like that.

    But a description for a setup of a complete (e.g. example, on implementing an add-on) and up-to-date Qt development environment would help other too.

    The description under "Building Qt 5 from Git": is not really complete but could be a good starting point, as different platforms are considered.

    My bash snippets to perform all steps are a result of try/ error/ re-try success.

  • What commit id was used to compile QtLocation and which exact Qt vesion was used ? I don't get it compiled with Qt 5.1.1 ???

  • Hi!

    I successfully compiled Qt 5.0.1 (including QtLocation) on 64-bit Ubuntu Linux machine
    and wrote a small recipe of all steps.
    Contact via skype, if you want to get this small documentation:
    Skype-Username: j.raichouni


  • Hi Joomie,

    thanks for the reply, i'm interested in your procedure. Could you send me the file please, Skype-user : valckewim

    I could already compile QtLocation for Qt 5.2.0 beta, but there are still issues with this Qt so i wanna try Qt 5.0.1 together with your instructions.

    Best regards,


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