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Building QtMobility docs

  • I've pulled the master branch of QtMobility and I'm looking for a way to build the documentation in ./qt-mobility/doc. I'm on Ubuntu 9.04 and have just built Qt 4.7.0 beta2. Are the QtMobility docs supposed to be built by default if I do a regular ./configure and make && make install? Due to compile errors I had to do a "./configure -modules multimedia" so I suppose I could have lost the docs in that process. If I go into the doc folder and try "qmake && make" it doesn't build any docs however, it just prints:

    @cd src/snippets/ && make -f Makefile
    make[1]: Entering directory /home/ubuntu/dev/qt-mobility-git/qt-mobility/doc/src/snippets' make[1]: Nothing to be done forfirst'.
    make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/ubuntu/dev/qt-mobility-git/qt-mobility/doc/src/snippets'@

  • Normally you can use one of
    @make docs@
    @qdoc3 doc/src/qtmobility.qdocconf@
    although I think the first option is preferred.

    There have been some recent changes in master which might have complicated this a little - let me know how it goes.

  • This is the output I get from 'make docs':

    ~/dev/qt-mobility-git/qt-mobility$ make docs
    /usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.7.0/bin/qdoc3 /home/ubuntu/dev/qt-mobility-git/qt-mobility/doc/src/qtmobility.qdocconf
    In file included from /home/ubuntu/dev/qt-mobility-git/qt-mobility/doc/src/qtmobility.qdocconf:5:
    /home/ubuntu/dev/qt-mobility-git/qt-mobility/doc/src/qt-defines.qdocconf:44: error: Environment variable 'QT_MOBILITY_SOURCE_TREE' undefined
    Environment variable 'QT_MOBILITY_SOURCE_TREE' undefined

    make: *** [qch_docs] Error 1

    When I run 'qdoc3 doc/src/qtmobility.qdocconf' I get a similar output:

    ~/dev/qt-mobility-git/qt-mobility$qdoc3 doc/src/qtmobility.qdocconf
    In file included from doc/src/qtmobility.qdocconf:5:
    doc/src/qt-defines.qdocconf:44: error: Environment variable 'QT_MOBILITY_SOURCE_TREE' undefined
    Environment variable 'QT_MOBILITY_SOURCE_TREE' undefined


  • What happens if you do
    @export QT_MOBILITY_SOURCE_TREE=~/dev/qt-mobility-git/qt-mobility@
    @make docs@?

  • Thanks David, that made the docs build.

    p.s. Now that I have a Troll on the line.. What's the best place to ask questions related to the bleeding edge of Qt Mobility? This forum? The Qt Mobility feedback mailing list? Is there a Qt Mobility IRC channel? d.s.

  • They're all good places to ask - although for IRC I think the regular qt IRC channel (#qt at is the place to go. Personally I'd like to see this forum become the place were questions are asked so that people can come to a central place to ask questions and/or see if the question has been asked or answered previously.

  • ONe of the big disadvantages of IRC is that both the questions and the answers get lost. Forums and mailing-lists however archive both and can be searched.

    It depends on the issue of course but building a knowledge base over time makes a lot of sense to me...

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