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QtWebKit module won't be found?

  • Hello,

    I'm making my first QtQuick application. One of the features is using a WebView.
    I design my application on a Windows PC with Qt 4.8.4 library.
    Then I compile my application for a Linux platform which has Qt 4.8.2 library included.

    As long as I don't use QtWebKit, I can compile and run my software on the platform. But using the QtWebKit gives an error on the platform (though it works on the windows PC).

    In one of my .qml files I do "import QtWebKit 1.0" for using the WebView element.
    Now when i cross compile it on my platform, launching the application gives the following message:
    "module "QtWebKit" is not installed"

    The QtWebKit plugin is what i suppose the only requirement to use the WebView element?
    On the windows PC i have a folder "4.8.4\imports\QtWebKit" which holds the qmlwebkitplugin files.
    On the linux platform i have a folder "Trolltech\imports\QtWebKit" which holds a and a qmldir file (plugin qmlwebkitplugin).

    I set some environment variables:

    When running with these settings I receive the same message, also I don't receive ANY information about the debug plugins setting which i have set.

    Does anyone have a solution for this?
    Thanks in advance.

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