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Proper MSVC11 Support

  • The Visual Studio 11 compiler has been out for over a year now, and for over 2 years as a beta. Yet despite the popularity of this platform there seems to be almost no support at all.

    A quick search through the forums shows there are many problems with getting a build up and working, the build process for QT5 is involved, has many pre-requisites and lots of little quirks (ANGLE, webkit etc), and the info required is scattered and not readily available.

    Given this, there seems to be a real need for an accurate and simple MSVC11 build description, and preferably real binaries provided in the main download locations. Is MSVC11 going to be a fully supported platform anytime soon?

  • Well, did you actuall try to build Qt with win32-msvc2012?

  • I think it's difficult to decide which MSVC version is really important ... as far as I recognized it qt development currently focuses on VC10 and is doing some things on VC2012 (as it is the most C++11 MS thing)

    I'm currently stucked at VC2008 ... and I even managed building qt5 with it (only difficult part is getting webkit build with 32bit+debug, )

    While trying to build Qt5 on VC2008, I compared it to some Qt4.* builds ... and I think the big issues aren't the compiler it self ... it's more that you need so much other stuff to get things running (3 Script-Interpreter, building ICU, DirectX/OpenGL, ...)
    ... with Qt4 it was "unzip, configure, nmake" on windows (no need to setup 5 other software-components on the PC)
    ... ah, just remembered the ugly part of ICU ... I had to setup cygwin to build it with VS2008-compiler (so even another component to build whole qt5 with non-VC2010)

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    What are your requirements, and what issues are you facing?

    For build instructions, would this suffice?:

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