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[SOLVED] QT5.0.1 - MYSQL5.1 - Windows7 (32x/64x) - Driver not loaded

  • Hi,

    first, yes I am newbie in QT.
    I have read several forums, how to bind mysql driver into my Projekt.

    1. I wand to use no plugin
      so ich tryed to configure QT5 with the following steps:

    a) mingw32-make confclean.
    b) configure.exe
    -platform win32-g++
    -I d:/Programme/MySQL/MySQLServer51/include
    -L d:/Programme/MySQL/MySQLServer51/lib/opt
    -l mysql
    *the following flag I set, because of warnings by configure
    this flas was set because I got complier errror ld(2)
    qcollator.o not found

    so, I tried outserveral flag combinations fpr the configure tool. The complier stops at different places.
    By the way, yes i used reimp ( mybe fron an older version, because this tool was not insstaled by the installing routines, not msi or zip file for Windows Installer)
    the part with dlltool ich did also, the files are in dirs, were the system has access.

    No my Question:
    Has somebody a solution for me, how I have to set the configure flas, so that qt5.01 will compile all I need ?
    If a configuration is compiled, what happend, I alsway get the info Driver not loaded.

    I read now a few nights texts, but i do not found a solution... PLEASE HELP ME ..

    Maybe, there ist no way ?

  • Thx, will try this again, maybe it will help. But in various ways ich got alway mistakes like

    xx.o not found (ex. qcollator.o)

    I install after this try all again new to have a brand new system of QT5.

    thx so far for your help.
    I willpost if it works or not.
    By the way whats wrong with the flag -qt-opengl desktop alway i got a message something is missing

  • SOLVED !!!

    THX what a easy Process, if explaind in clear words !!

    THX for your fast help !! <great help !

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