How to add combobox into menubar

  • Hi
    I have desktop application and i also want to add combox into menubar for search items pleace anyone have solution pleace help me to solve that problem.

    Short idea ->Add combobox into menubar for implement serch item(items are fixed)


  • Hi,

    you can use QMenuBar::addAction with QWidgetAction.

    Good Luck

  • Create search items as QAction and set them in QMenubar. After that, you can set true or false the Checkable property of QAction .

  • As mcosta has already said, you can use QWidgetAction.

    for example:-

    QComboBox *comboBox = new QComboBox(menu);
    QWidgetAction *checkableAction = new QWidgetAction(menu);

  • Hi
    Thanks all of you,But any body can tell me if there any steps to do that use in QT Designer because i am use in VS 2008 .I try several ways but still not achieved that.(I use in QT Designer in VS 2008 for develop my application)


  • Hi,
    at the moment you can't do this at design mode (QtDesigner) but I think you have to write code.

  • Hi
    Thanks for reply .

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