Compiling pyside for python3.3 (linux)

  • Well, i've been trying to compile pyside for python 3.3 (Following "these": instructions).

    NOTE: This happens when building shiboken
    But i'm running into a problem:
    The command: "runcmake" i created following the tutorial automatically gets the python 2.7 libraries.

    So i went to the build scripts and i found this:
    @if [ "$PYSIDE_BUILDSCRIPTS_USE_PYTHON3" == "yes" ]; then

    so i changed the command to use the "-DUSE_PYTHON3=1" flag.

    The problem now is that it gets the python3.2 libraries.

    I opened the CMAKELISTS.txt and found other flags.
    I added them to the command matching my python3.3 installation:
    @alias runcmake='cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$PYSIDESANDBOXPATH -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug -DENABLE_ICECC=0 -DUSE_PYTHON3=1 -DPYTHON3_DBG_EXECUTABLE=$HOME/.python/3.3.0/bin/python3.3 -DPYTHON3_EXECUTABLE=$HOME/.python/3.3.0/bin/python3.3 -DPYTHON3_LIBRARIES=$HOME/.python/3.3.0/lib/libpython3.3m.a -DPYTHON3_DEBUG_LIBRARIES=$HOME/.python/3.3.0/lib/libpython3.3m.a -DPYTHON3_INCLUDE_DIRS=$HOME/.python/3.3.0/include/'@
    NOTE: I have installed python 3.3 from source in my home directory

    Now it gets everything except this:
    @-- Found Python3Libs: /usr/lib/ @

    Any help?

    My system: Linux Mint 14 (Based on Ubuntu 12.10), 64 bit

  • What step is "-- Found...." an output of? It seems to me that it is just a comment of a "configure" step, where it searches for presence of dependencies. It may be that the other changes you made are accomplishing what you want, to build with libpython3.3, and that you can ignore the comment.

    (I have no experience in building PySide, I could be wrong.)

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