How do I use the QML?

  • how do I use the QML?

    1. I use pure?
    2. I use with C + +?

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    As you see fit. There is no definite answer, all depends on your use case and will.

    The intention behind the language is to separate UI from logic. But you can build whole apps in pure QML/ JS if you prefer.

    In my projects I use a healthy mix - often the prototype is QML-heavy, then when I'm happy with the app I move most of the logic to C++.#

  • I would like to create more complex applications using QML. but only find information regarding components, trivial and silly things.

    Does anyone have a link on calling QML in QML or using SQL and signs?

  • There is no need to post the same question all over the place, chose a thread and stick to it.

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