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[SOLVED]Setting layout of tabs

  • Hi there,
    I've greated a tabwidget with three tabs in designer. On the different tabs I added some widgets (lineEdits/Labels etc), but to my supprise somehow I managed to set the first tab with a horizontal layout, but the other tabs still show the "no layout" icon in designer. What does this mean? Should I have all tabs to a layout option? (can't seem to get it so in designer).
    Any information is welcome!

  • Oke,
    I found the way to set the layout! It's weird though, IYAM. In the tabwidget select the tab you want to set a layout to. Then in the Object Inspector box press right mouse button and select the desired layout. Then the selected tab will be changed.
    Why this is not available when right click the tab itself is beyond me, but still, this is the solution.

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