How Qt Creator auto-detect qmake location?

  • I tried to install "V-Play": (A Qt plugin for game dev come with a custom Qt Creator)and uninstall it.
    Now when I reinstall Qt Creator 2.5.2 (base on Qt 4.8 in Ubuntu Software Center),. Go to Tool >> Option >> Build and Run, Qt version Auto-detect the path of the VPlay installation (but I have removed it). I must add a manual version(at usr/bin/qmake).
    My question is how to Qt Creator detect the path? And what I can do to the auto-detect path is what it must be?

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    If this is something like an SDK: Check QTCREATOR_DIR/share/qtcreator/QtProject. That directory may contain settings files for qtversions, kits (profiles.xml, don't ask;-) and tool chains which are considered to be auto-detected.

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