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How to use libsndfile and OpenAL with Qt5

  • Hi,

    For days I'm trying to get OpenAL and libsndfile (or sometimes other libs) working with Qt+MinGW under Windows 7, but everytime they don't work because the MinGW compiler shipped with QtCreator is not binary compatible : libs I get use the "official" MinGW or VC++ (I can't/don't want to use VC++).

    I tried recompiling them but it creates other problems (linux-only compiler support, config errors, lacking features, external libs and so on).

    I managed to compile OpenAL-soft, but without DirectSound support.

    I read that building libsndfile with MinGW requires using its command line to type /configure and make, but where can I find it? I think it's MSYS, but I didn't found it in Qt/Tools/MinGW...

    Note : I could use Qt sound loaders, but I don't want to add a Qt dependency eveywhere on my project for non-GUI related things...

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