Alternative to QString::sprintf()

  • So Gentlemen,

    How might I do the equivalent of this without using QString::sprintf ?


    please let me have your ideas.


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    Kenchan, for future reference, please try to open new posts rather than reopening ages-old ones. I'm going to move this question to its own thread for you.

    In your case, you could use something like:
    QString foo = QString("%1%2%3").arg(prefix).arg(intval).arg(suffix);
    or something. Be sure and look at the docs for QString.

  • OK, sorry about that. I was just searching for stuff and did not notice the date :-(.

    Thanks for your advice. I look into the arg() stuff in more detail.

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    Not a problem. Glad to help! If you have further questions, feel free to ask!

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