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Animated cursor

  • Hiho everybody,
    I'm programming a game with QT and the Irrlicht engine, and would like to animate the cursor in some cases.
    I read in one thread that this could be achieved by changing the picture of the cursor every x milliseconds.
    First of all, this doesn't seem the right way to me, I think there must be a way to do it without wasting that much cpu time.
    The second problem is, that I want to make the cursor animation speed independent from the fps of the game.
    So I can't check for the time passed in the main frame loop, and change the image of the cursor after x milliseconds, because if the game laggs, the cursor would lagg too.

    I tried it with the following command but without success
    @app.setOverrideCursor((new QCursor((new QPixmap("../media/interface/cursor.gif")))));@

    I assume QPixmap can't be animated so maybe there is a type I can use with setOverrideCursor so that I can simply use an animated gif file.
    Or maybe there is another function to change the cursor and set an animated file (movie, gif, ...)?

    I hope somebody can help me.

    Best regards

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