[SOLVED] Fusion style - how to set dark version?

  • Hi,

    Referring to this article: http://blog.qt.digia.com/blog/2012/10/30/cleaning-up-styles-in-qt5-and-adding-fusion/ you find dark version of fusion style. Is it compiled in QT by default? I don't know how to set it.


  • I assume Fusion honours Qt style sheets and/or QPalette to set the various colours.

  • I answered a similar question in the comments section you link to actually. It does respect QPalette, so you can try setting these color roles on the QApplication palette:
    window/button: #353535
    highlight: #8e2dc5

  • Thanks! Working perfect. But can't find color name for tabsheet text. I have this:
    QPalette p;
    p = qApp->palette();
    p.setColor(QPalette::Window, QColor(53,53,53));
    p.setColor(QPalette::Button, QColor(53,53,53));
    p.setColor(QPalette::Highlight, QColor(142,45,197));
    p.setColor(QPalette::ButtonText, QColor(255,255,255));
    All buttons have white font except tabsheet text where it is still black

    edit: please wrap code sections between @ signs; Andre

  • I am not sure what you mean by tab sheet but you can also experiment with QPalette::WindowText and QPalette::Text roles. In some cases perhaps you also need to set a widget specific palette.

  • Problem solved. Override QPalette::WindowText was needed also. Thanks!

  • This technique works, but I wouldn't say the result is "perfect". The Fusion style generates lots of colors automatically by calling QColor::lighter() and QColor::darker(), and those would need to be inverted for the result to be perfect. As a result, depending on the exact colors you use, the frames around menus and the separators between menu items, for example, tend to disappear...

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