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PySide Mobility

  • Hi all

    I would like to use the location mobility module with PySide. Google does not return any information on installing the mobility modules and for some reason the search in this forum don't seem to work (all I get is a Loading... page).

    The documentation that I have found does not help either as it just keep loading the main PySide page.

    I did note that there are some questions related to mine, some are unanswered.

    Is there any information available on installing and using mobility with PySide.


  • The PySide Mobility documentation appears to be lost during the Nokia --> Digia transition. But if you visit "PySideDocumentation": page, you should see a section called Getting Started with PySide Mobility. The links now direct you to an archive version of the old mobility docs page and not all the links work.

    But my understanding is that PySide Mobility is no longer maintained.

  • Thanks for the info, I appreciate your help.

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