[Solved]Problem with incomplete type and forward declaration trying to add new file to project.

  • I am trying to add new file to my project, small find dialog but I have a problem I can't solve. Everything seems OK to me as I compare my header file for find dialog and for main window but anyway I am getting 4 errors
    2 times invalid use of incomplete type and 2 times forward declaration. Code is here:
    #ifndef FIND_H
    #define FIND_H

    #include <QWidget>
    #include "ui_find.h"

    namespace Ui {
    class FindDialog; //here is forward declaration, reported twice

    class FindDialog : public QWidget{

    explicit FindDialog(QWidget *parent =0);

    private :
    Ui::FindDialog* ui;

    public slots:

    #endif // FIND_H

    #include "find.h"

    FindDialog::FindDialog(QWidget* parent) :
    ui(new Ui::FindDialog) //here is invalid use of incomplete type Ui::FindDialog
    ui->setupUi(this); //and so here

    delete ui;
    the same way I have it made in mainwindow but class name is MainWindow and it's public class of QMainWindow, not QWidget and it's working without any problems.
    Can someone help me please?
    Thanks. :)

  • At a first look it seems ok, did you run qmake after you added the class?

    LE: Also look into the file ui_find.h and see the name of the ui class that is in the Ui:: namespace //isn't it simple Find instead of FindDialog, you should have something like:
    namespace Ui {
    class FindDialog: public Ui_FindDialog {};

  • You have a forward declaration of "Ui::FindDialog" in your header file, yes.

    But where is the actual declaration?

    Of course you cannot create an instance of a class for which you have only a forward declaration!

    In your .cpp file, you normally include the header file created by the "UIC":http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/uic.html...



    Okay, I just noticed that you include "ui_find.h" in your header file. I guess that is the UIC-generated header file.

    If you do it like that, then you do not need a forward declaration at all!

    But it's better to have a forward declaration, so you can move the include for the UIC header file to the .cpp file.

    Also double check what class the UIC header file actually defines. I apparently is not Ui::FindDialog...

  • Thanks Zlatomir I looked into ui_find.h file and found the class name is Ui_Form, added it there and it works now.

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