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WebKit issues with long loading times and cache

  • Hi.

    I am trying to use QT to display fullscreen a window of an HTML page. That page is served by a server on an embedded device and it is very HTML5/CSS heavy. Showing it on Google Chrome takes some time the first time but then it seems to correctly use the cache.

    Now, in my application, it seems to take more time to load (I have a label which displays progress and it doen't reach 100% very fast). Also, most of the times, it seems it just aborts: 100% progress is reported but it isn't complete. Reloading the page then can help loading it correctly (but also can abort at another point).

    My questions:

    • How can I make sure that the cache is used ? I use a custom NetworkAccessManager in which I specified a QNetworkDiscCache which seems to be populated as there are a few megs in my directory.
    • How can I improve performance ? Also, is there somewhere a timeout that I can increase to avoid the issue with the website not being completely loaded ?

    Thanks forward,

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