Q_STATIC_ASSERT & Q_STATIC_ASSERT_X compilation problems on Visual Studio 2010

  • I develop and maintain a very large opengl application, written using qt library. I'm switching from qt 4 to qt 5. I downloaded the qt 5.0.0 Windows (8) Visual Studio 2010 precompiled package. Unfortunately I discovered that I get millions of OpenGL errors caused by the OpenGL ES 2 support provided by the precompiled package. So, I downloaded the source code and I recompiled qt using the -opengl desktop flag on the configure step (for further details on the problem please refer here). The opengl compiler errors disappear but I still have hundreds compiler errors everytime inside the Qt library itself there is a reference to two macros Q_STATIC_ASSERT and Q_STATIC_ASSERT_X. The typical kind of errors i get are: - error C2062: type 'void' unexpected - error C2238: unexpected token(s) preceding ';'

    Some suggestions?


  • Hi,
    It probably easy be recompiling the Qt library with the NDEBUG option as compiler option. This will remove all ASSERT stuff from compiling into code.

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