How to setSortRole for QTreeWidget ?

  • I have QTreeWidget based class and need to do sorting by Qt::UserRole. How can I do this ? I know that QStandartItemModel has such method and treeWidget has model() method which return model, but it's QAbstractItemModel type which has no setSortRole method.

  • QSortFilterProxyModel seems the obvious choice. It supports a sortRole property you can use to set the role you want to sort on.

  • Yes, but I use QTreeWidget, non view and setModel is private method in QTreeWidget. So I can't do this: @QSortFilterProxyModel sortModel;

  • Ah, yes, right.
    I'd suggest to move away from QTreeWidget towards using QTreeView then :-) The API for QStandardItemModel is quite similar to the API of QTreeWidget for items, so the changes to your code should be minimal.

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