[solved] Can I fake a Keys.pressed signal?

  • Hi, I'm making a virtual keyboard, so far only QML. It would be easier to integrate it into my application if I could make its signals the same as the real keyboard. Is this possible in QML? If on Qt, is it too hard?

    I want to be able to use a Keys.onPressed handler that deals with both the virtual and real keyboard, not create a different handler for each.


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  • Remembert QT is QuickTime not Qt.

  • In QML you can define signals like this:
    Rectangle {
    id: container
    signal clicked
    or use already defined ones of course

    You can then emit the signal using:

    So, if you have access to the keys, you can simply access .pressed() in your QML, for example. Or, if you don't have access, you can expose it with Qt (C++) and then use QML as per normal.

    For an example of a QML Software keyboard, have a look at "Colibri CLKeyboard":https://projects.forum.nokia.com/colibri/wiki/CLKeyboard component.
    !http://realnorth.net/share/ColibryKeyboardDemo.png(CLKeyboard Component)!

  • What do you mean if I have access to the keys? It seems Qt/C++ is the way to go.

  • If you mean you want to send key events from your virtual keyboard, which can then be received by Keys.onPressed, then that is quite easy to do from Qt/C++. For example,

    QDeclarativeView view(QUrl::fromLocalFile("Window.qml"));

    QKeyEvent event(QEvent::KeyPress, Qt::Key_Down, Qt::NoModifier);
    view.scene()->sendEvent(view.rootObject(), &event);


  • Thats more what I had in mind, thanks. Don't have the time to test it now though.

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