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Help with aligning child widgets in parent widget

  • Hey everybody!

            I have a _mainwindow_ which is used to contain several other widgets. I use _QVBoxLayout_ and _QHBoxLayout_ to align these widgets in the _mainwindow_ as,

    NewWidget *nw = new NewWidget();
    NewWidgetTwo *nwt = new NewWidgetTwo();
    NewWidgetThree *nwth = new NewWidgetThree();

    QHboxLayout *hbl = new QHBoxLayout();
    QVboxLayout *vbl = new QVBoxLayout();


    I tried using the stretch property and also the alignment options in Qt like Qt::AlignLeft, Qt::AlignLeading etc but I'm not able to achieve the desired alignment. Are there any other ways in Qt to position widgets?

  • bq. I’m not able to achieve the desired alignment

    Can you attach an image of your requirement as well as the output you are getting now. You can also use a gridlayout

    @QGridLayout *gd1 = new QGridLayout();

  • I'm not allowed to attach a screenshot so I just made a mock up of how it should look and what the actual output is. Each red rectangle represents a widget and the blue rectangle is an image within the widget.

    EDIT: Okay I'm not able to upload a picture from my computer. Could somebody tell me how to do this?

  • Just put your image at some public location, and use its URL. I use my public dropbox folder for this, but there are plenty of other options. You cannot upload images to this forum directly.

  • Grr! My office does not have access to dropbox, Google drive etc. I'll upload the picture when I'm at home. Thanks so much Andre :)

  • Haha! It's funny how I clicked on each one of these links and it kept showing "Content blocked by your organization" :)
    My internet is down at home. I'll upload the file soon. Sorry!

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