Documentation for setting environment variables in windows?

  • Hi,
    I've been having tons of issues with the latest Qt release(which can be seen in my post history) and i'm trying to tackle the next issue by setting environment variables. Is there documentation that tells me how to set them properly? cause Qt is complaining that they need to be set.

  • For windows I create a shortcut that has the following settings:

    Target: %COMSPEC% /k "C:\MinGW\bin\QT4_SETUP.BAT"
    Start In: %windir%

    and my batch file 'QT4_SETUP.BAT' mentioned above looks like this:
    @set PATH=c:\Qt;c:\Qt\4.8.1\bin;c:\MinGW\bin;%PATH%
    @set QMAKESPEC=win32-g++
    @set QTDIR=c:\Qt\4.8.1
    @CD /D "c:\MinGW\MyProjects"

    When you run the shortcut you will end up with is a command prompt with whatever variables you need set (PATH, QMAKESPEC, QTDIR, etc).

    The other method is to set these variables globally for the system or the current user (in XP: Control Panel - System - Advanced - Environment Variables). I am not a fan of this method as the variables apply to everything.

    If you are using visual studio I believe they have a batch file to configure a command prompt. I haven't uses VS in a long (very long) time but I do remember seeing this. You should be able to modify this file to suite your needs.

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