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Fault Module Name: Qt5Core.dll

  • Everytime I start my compiled release.exe with all needed dll's. When i try to start the program in the QtCreator, no error appears and the program works fine There comes an Runtime Error
    "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library etc." the typical MS Runtime Error.
    When I press OK you can show some problem details and there it says:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Fault Module Name: Qt5Core.dll

    I've read in other forums that i should test my *.exe with the Dependency Walker. It only shows that the Link Checksum of the Qt5Core.dll is another than the Real Checksum. But nothing else.

    I've tested a "hello world" program, because i've thought it might be something in my code, but there the same error appears.
    Could it be that there ist something wrong with the Qt5Core.dll?

    I'm using QtCreator 2.6.2 with Qt 5.0.1 (32-bit).


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    Did you check the path where Qt5Core is loaded from is correct?
    Dependency walker is providing this information. Possibly you have installed more than one version of Qt5 on your machine.

  • Yes it is loaded correctly.
    And Qt5 is only once installed on the machine.

    I have tested the program on a Windows 8 machine and then the error occured that a dll named zlib1.dll is missing. After downloading that and saving the dll in the directory of the exe the runtime error did not come back and the program works now. But i don't know why that was the problem and why it was only shown on windows 8 and not on windows 7.

    But thanks for the hint. Maybe i will need it next time.

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    I would be careful when bundling with your app random libraries that were not part of your build environment. Tripple check it all matches your build. If the zlib1.dll you downloaded afterwards is in version different than your app requires, was compiled in another compiler, different compiler version or with different compiler options your program might work, might work sometimes or work only on your machine and blow up next week on your client's machine. The rule of thumb is don't do it. Bundle only what you have (and use!) on your dev machine.

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