Get object, which have received signal

  • Hello. How to get object, which have received signal? Look at that code:
    @ for (var idx=0;idx<leftButtonSettings.length;idx++) {
    left_objects[idx] = component.createObject(left_menu_flick.contentItem, {
    "x": 0,
    "y": 0
    left_objects[idx].x = (left_menu_flick.width-left_objects[idx].width)/2;
    if (idx==0) {
    left_objects[idx].y = y_offset
    } else {
    left_objects[idx].y = left_objects[idx-1].y + left_objects[idx].height + y_offset
    left_objects[idx].name_text = leftButtonSettings[idx][0]
    left_objects[idx].desc_text = leftButtonSettings[idx][1]
    left_objects[idx].url = leftButtonSettings[idx][2]
    left_objects[idx].clicked.connect (function() {
    CMainWindow.tryLoadFromNetwork(object.desc_text) //What I must write here?
    in line "CMainWindow.tryLoadFromNetwork(object.desc_text)" I want to send text from field url to function CMainWindow.tryLoadFromNetwork which have written in C++. But how to get object in that case to get url field? Thanks

  • Just use "QObject::sender()":, if the code you posted above is inside a slot that received a signal and the object you're looking for is the sender of the signal.

    Then you could do something like this:
    if(qobject_cast<QWidget*>(QObject::sender())) // cast to the appropriate class here, QWidget is just as an example
    CMainWindow.tryLoadFromNetwork(qobject_cast<QWidget*>(QObject::sender()).desc_text) // cast to the appropriate class here, QWidget is just as an example

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