Compile error - Unknown module in QT: debug

  • Recently had a computer crash and switched to new computer. Installed the latest version of QT Creator (2.6.2) - I had been running 2.4.1. When I try to compile an existing project, I get this error: Unknown Module(s) in QT: debug.

    I'm guessing that this is pretty simple and probably a configuration issue but since I do not have my old computer to reference, I'm a bit lost. Can someone please help.

    Example projects (included with QT) compile without any issues. I did my QT install by downloading 'Qt 5.0.1 for Windows 32-bit (MinGW 4.7, 823 MB)' and running with defaults

  • Is it possible that you have <code>QT += debug</code> instead of <code>CONFIG += debug</code> in your <code>.pro</code> file?

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