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ToolTip not showing

  • Hi guys,
    Must be missing a piece of knowledge, but in designer I set the ToolTip and the duration for a QLabel in a QTabWidget. That QTabWidget is embedded into a Stackedwidget in a dialog. The tooltip is set via the setToolTip
    in the ui_ file:
    #ifndef QT_NO_TOOLTIP
    labelSignalId->setToolTip(QApplication::translate("ConfigCanSignalWidget", "What is my designator", 0));
    #endif // QT_NO_TOOLTIP
    but that is set in the retranslateUi function, so called from the ui constructor.
    What do I forget to do?
    The tooltip is not showing at the given QLabel. I'm missing someting, but what?
    Thanks for any help!

  • Have you tried to set the tooltip without any translation directly in the code just to make sure that this is not the problem in this case?

  • Good idea, Will try!
    Nup, no change when setting the tooltip in code.
    More options?

  • Any other tooltips work? If not, maybe the time after the tooltip is shown is wrong (e. g. s expected ms given, too short, ...)
    Is any other widget overlapping the label?

  • Nup, the tooltips on the MainWindow (toolbar/centralwidget) do work. I'm still a bit puzzled by it.

  • Guess what I did wrong. Setting the tooltipduration to a small value will make the tooltip invisible! It is to short to show it! Did you leave that to -1??

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