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Qt5 runtime distribution?

  • Hi, how should one go by distributing Qt5 runtime libraries with desktop applications? Installing the full SDK doesnt make much sense. For Linux, the apt repository offers qt4 but not qt5 (at least for my Ubuntu 12.04) and about the two other major platforms I dont even know. And I'd pretty much need this on all three, namely Linux/Mac/Windoze. I've seen some apps include the .so's in the binary's directory but that's not too pretty now is it.

    Statically linking isn't an option with the LGPL license.

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  • On Mac you have macdeployqt utility which will bundle your app with needed Qt libs as self contained bundle. On Windows and Linux you have no choice but to manually add needed dynamic libs to your package, or at least I could not find one in last couple of months since I have the same problem.

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