Unity Next will be Qt/QML

  • bq. "..driven by Ubuntu Touch we are starting to move Unity over to a Qt/QML based implementation, embracing Qt as a community backed technology for our offerings.":https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2013-March/036776.html

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  • There is another hidden gem in this project, namely Mir, a display server with a strong focus on hardware acceleration (OpenGL ES) and multidimensional input (multitouch, Leap Motion, Myu) meant to finally replace X - which will be a perfect fit for the already OpenGL ES-based drawing backend and the scenegraph in Qt5.

    Looks like someone had the right nose for it.

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    From what I read yesterday mir is pretty similar to wayland. At least the wayland devs complained that all the reasons Canonical gave for why they did mir instead of looking at wayland were bogus. Let's see who what will win out in the end.

    Qt already has wayland support in the works and canonical apparently has mir support for Qt somewhere, so Qt apps should be fine on both:-)

  • I don't have the link right now, but they are advising developers to use Qt/QML as one of the primary development tools for Ubuntu phone app development.

    Edit: Here is the "link":http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone/app-ecosystem

    "For rich applications with gorgeous movement and transitions, and graphics-heavy games, Ubuntu provides an amazing native developer environment. It uses QML to give you a really slick, easy development experience for native apps with engines in C or C++, and JavaScript for UI glue that isn’t performance critical."

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