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Qt on ios

  • I was just going through Qt for ios topic on this page I guess full support for Qt should be available by the end of the year. But are all Qt mobility modules planned to be supported on ios and Android. Or are there any limitations on any platform in this regard ? I couldn't find any information regarding this. If anybody here knows something, please share.

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    I think the plan is to support the whole deal. Necessitas for Qt 4.8 currently supports most Qt modules, so I guess the same will be true for Qt5.

  • Why not scrap JIT if such an issue? I mean bindings are not JIT'ed anyway and actually run faster, so I doubt performance will suffer that much without it.

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    That's what v4vm is doing, IIRC, and it's slowly replacing V8.

  • Lots of devs still don't know about Qt. Some believes, its that api for the failed Symbian platform. It is sad for me to hear that. Qt on ios and Android can change all that and can be a game changer in terms of Qt adoption. I hope that will happen. Qt will be a revolutionary crossplatform framework for desktop, mobile and embedded.

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