Application file can not run

  • Hi...
    I make an application in a PC, it compiles using msvc 2010 release in Qt Creator.
    I copied the .exe file to another PC that have no Qt. I already copy .dll files to windows/system32, but it is still not work, the message display is:
    Run time error
    This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way
    Please contact...

    And then I try to open Windows explorer in the first PC and try to run the application directly from the original release directory, it can not still run too.
    It seems it only run using Qt Creator.

    Could you have any have suggestion and help?

  • To solve your issue carefully explore the documentation about "deploying an application on Windows": If you want just to copy an exe and run it on another computer then you should build Qt statically and after that to link your app to it.

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    Which dlls did you copy? The default package has some dependencies from ANGLE usage so you might have missed those. Also the visual studio runtime must be installed on the target machine or you need to provide dlls from it too.

    Other thing - please don't put stuff in system32. "It works" is not an argument. This is very window95ish garbage generation. There are proper places to distribute your libraries to so that the system and the user can easily cleanup after your app. Use them.

  • Hi..very kind from you all,
    I copied QtCore4.dll, QtGui4.dll, QtOpenGL4.dll, and others four dll from openCV: opencv_core220.dll, opencv_highgui220.dll, opencv_imgproc220.dll, and opencv_video220.dll
    I will explore more from your suggestion.

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