Qmake error libstdc++-6.dll missing

  • Hi,

    I compile my qt src 4.8.4 to my windows 7 x64 using mingw, I have this structure:


    I can use my IDE normally but I cannot use qmake inside the windows terminal. I've alredy set my PATH with %QTDIR%\bin but there is an error executing it (libstdc++-6.dll missing). How can I set my mingw lib path to qmake ?


  • Is the path to libstdc++-6.dll in your PATH environment variable?
    I think the DLL is located in C:\qt\mingw64\bin
    In console, type:
    @set path@

    if the path to the DLL is not in the list, type:

    @set path=C:\qt\mingw64\bin;%PATH%@

    now try qmake again.

  • It works now, thanks!

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