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  • Is app development moving to scripting ? Friends, what do you think ? I was just reading about the Unity game engine which supports JS along with c# as the main development option, no c++, though the engine itself is developed in c++. We have Qt itself actively pushing Qml / JS. Game development is an area where c++ is actively used. Even there we see scripting languages like JS and unreal script being increasingly adopted. I just have the feeling that native c++ developers have a better future as middleware developers, developing frameworks and other low level stuff. Even on resource contstrained stuff there is big attempt to use html5 / JS.

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    A good use of scripting can be very beneficial (see Wolfire's Overgrowth for an example), so no harm there.

    But the general tren is indeed a bit worrying. Maybe it will pass? Or maybe we are just too grown into a "native" paradigm? Computer languages need to evolve, after all.

  • I think we are in moving into an era where even languages like Java and c# are considered difficult. Scripting languages allows a lot of people to develop apps even if they don't have enough programming skills or a CS degree. May be this is good from a hiring point of view for many companies ?

  • My opinion programming languages ​​should be in the first place convinient and than easy. And the fact that languages allows a lot of people to develop apps even if they don’t have enough programming skills that is not quite the right way of language evolution. Already in development process people put the speed of writing code rather than quality. And as result been created programs that hangs even on a powerful hardwares, although their functionality is only playing music, viewing photos, games like Tetris and so on.

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