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  • Hi how can I install Qt Creator 2.6.2, Qt Libraries 4.8.4 for Windows (VS 2010) ? I've installed but it said to me "No kits were found".

    So how can I install it properly ?

  • You can add your kit manually. You have to go Tools->Options->Kits and add one here. To do this you need to have added Qt Version, which you can do in tab next to Kits.

  • And how can I do that ?

    What do I install first ? Creator or Libraries ? And after that what do I have to install or configure ?

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    In general, you need to install (order is not really important, but I'm listing the usual one):

    MSVC 2010 (from MS SDK or MS Visual Studio 2010)

    Qt Libraries

    Qt Creator

    Then it should detect everything automatically.

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    Install a MSVC010 compiler (from SDK, or visual studio (express)) and then install the Qt 5 packages. Those include a Qt Creator which is already pre-configured for your convenience.

    If you want to install a stand-alone creator and use that, just copy the QTDIR/tools/qtcreator/share/qtcreator/QtProject directory (not 100% sure about the part before 'share') over into the stand-alone copy. That will make those pre-configured Qts available in the stand-alone version as well.

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