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Using QDoc does not work at all

  • Hi,

    I have been working on a project for a fesw months and I would like to generate a documentation from the sources. I know that QDoc is used to do it but I can not make ir work! I have checked on the internet and have lloked for examples of qdocconf files and this is mine:

    project = pfa
    versionsym =
    version = 1.0

    language = Cpp
    headerdirs = ../src/
    sourcedirs = ../src/
    sources.fileextensions = "*.cpp *.cc *.h *.hpp *.qml *.qdoc .mm"
    examples.fileextensions = "
    .cpp *.cc *.h *.hpp *.js *.qml *.xq *.svg *.xml *.ui *.qhp *.qhcp"

    exampledirs = ../srcTest
    outputdir = ./html
    outputformats = HTML

    It's pretty simple, but it still does not work! I don't understand why.
    When I run qdoc3 pfa.qdocconf I get this on my html folder:
    -images (directory)
    --used -in-examples (empty dir)
    -scripts (empty dir)
    -style (empty dir)
    -pfa.index (file)
    -pfa.pageindex (file)

    and in those two files there isn't much (2 lines of xml)..

    any idea?

    thank you!

  • I have the same problem. Have you found a solution?

  • Moderators

    Doxygen is recommended as a tool to develop documentation of Qt projects. qdoc is an internal tool used by Qt Project.

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