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Superscript not working in QtQuick 2.0

  • The <sup> tags for rich text are not working in QtQuick 2.0. It looks the same as subscript.

    @Text { anchors.centerIn: parent textFormat: Text.RichText text: "Normal text, <b>Bold text, </b> <big>Big text, </big><sup>Superscript, </sup><sub>Subscript</sub>" }@

    There is already a bug report for this : "QTBUG-24621": But it is a year old.

    Should make a new bug report?

  • IMHO it does not make sense to file another bug report, because it will end up at the end of the queue. The priority will be worse for the new report. Better vote for the current one. More votes are raising the level of importance hopefully. You can also place a comment with an additional example on JIRA.

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