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Win XP & Boxes Example with OpenGL

  • Hi All,

    I've installed QT 5.01 Visual Studio 2010 (Express version installed) variant and tried to build the boxes example. It fails to build because I think the path to the OpenGL files are not being resolved.

    Are there any environment vars I need to set in Windows XP? Please can someone help or point me in the right direction.


  • welcome to devnet

    Are you using QT 5 and Qt creator with vs 2010 as tool chain?

  • Hi Thanks for replying. At the moment I've installed QT 5 and gone to the examples browser in Creator to see some example running. I can build and run some of the examples, but not the ones using GL. I'm a complete newb to QT, btw.

    On another computer I've downloaded the MinGW version of QT and get the same build errors, which I believe to be down to the header paths resolution, so I'm thinking it's a system/environmental path or some library dependency I've not dealt with. Any help appreciated.


  • Wit msvc tool chain you have actually two possibilities for an IDE (msvc native and Qt creator). The handling is different and dependent on the IDE. The MinGW version is using also Qt creator. I am not surprised that you are facing similar problems.
    Unfortunately, I do not know anything of requirements for openGl, but I believe your thread is better hosted in the tools forum. I will it there.

  • Hi, please see

    Short answer, wait for 5.0.2 which will hopefully include a Qt5 build with Desktop OpenGL support or build it yourself configuring with "-opengl desktop"

  • Thanks all. Glad it wasn't something silly that I'd missed.

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