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QPainter performance regression in Qt 5.0.1 compared to 4.8.4

  • Used this [url=]simple benchmark[/url]. Both Qt versions were build with MinGW GCC 4.7.2 Comparing average fps for FANCYGEARS.

    On my laptop (Lenovo X200s with integrated video card):
    @5.0.1 44 fps
    4.8.4 68 fps

    On my desktop (Core i5-2400, NVIDIA GTX 560 Ti):
    @5.0.1 158 fps
    4.8.4 218 fps

    Am I doing something wrong or "Amazing graphic capabilities and performance" means regression for my desktop use cases?

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    I remember other benchmark a while back telling that Qt5.0.0's raster was about 25% faster. I don't have time to check your code now, but will try to take a look later. Please consider filling a bug report or at least pinging the development ML.

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