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Installation Fail (examples)

  • Hi. Absolute newbie here.

    Though I have some programming experiance, I never got around to C++ so this question may seem like a newbie question, b'cause it is.

    Good freind suggested if I want to learn C++ this app (QT) may be the way to go, I already use an Arduino so am a little familiar with the way things should go. However, upon starting QT, I go to the tutorial, and in step 3, try to load an 'Example'. However, QT crashes with no reason given, back to the desktop.

    Think I have missed something big time but have no idea what. Have uninstalled and re-installed, no change. Select 'Examples' and the prog evaporates to the desktop. Can anyone assist?. SHould I be looking somewhere else to learn C++ ???? Halp!

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    Try following some online tutorials, maybe. With recent transition to Qt5, I hear some people complaining about Examples not working. Can't say myself, I haven't used examples for a long time.

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