• Hello every One Please Solve My Wired Problem ,

    I Have A Directory in which i had file x.exe which requires sdl.dll , sdl_image.dll so i have written qt code for opening that like below

    QProcess process or (QProcess *process=new QProcess )


    though the x.exe and sdl.dll files are in same directory but it is prompting that sdl.dll not found so why the error is occured if i open x.exe directly it if fine but using qt it is giving error

    Please Help

    Thank You

  • You start your application one directory below your executable.
    So, he is looking for the dlls in the directory below (because of "Go/x.exe"), so in "Go/.../".

    Put the dlls next to your qt program directory

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    Or change the working dir for QProcess.

  • Thanks for the rplies it helped me thanq

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