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SSL connection not dropped

  • Hi all,
    i've implemented a simple SslServer inheriting from QTcpServer and overriding the incomingConnection() as suggested from the documentation.
    However i am stumbling on a strange problem: QSslSocket fires correctly the sslErrors() signal for a "self-signed certificate" but even though i do not call ignoreSslErrors() at any time the connection is not dropped (as it said it should on the docs)
    Any ideas what i might check?

    I am using Qt 4.8.4 on linux gentoo (x86_64)

  • maybe you can call reply->abort() ?

  • Hi Thomas,
    i am not using a QNetworkReply - if that is waht you had in mind. I derived my SslServer from QTcpServer and deal directly with QSslSockets (on server's side).
    Besides, the docs clearly state that if ignoreSslError() is not called then the connection should drop automatically since "Qt is secure by default".
    Now, since i am not experiencing this, i am wondering what i am doing wrong :)

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