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Web app based on a desktop application

  • Hello,
    We currently have a desktop application (C++) made with QtCreator. Our next goal is to have a web application which would be a lighter version of the desktop one. We would like to avoid as much as possible to duplicate the code so we're looking for ways to have the engine of the desktop app work server side while the web app would be an html/css interface (with some basic drawning and drag&drop features) that would send requests to the server when needed and then get the results and display them.

    Would Webkit Bridge be what we need to do that ? Is there any other tool that would be useful ? I've done some research but it still isn't quite clear what would be the easiest way to achieve our goal.

  • I think "Wt toolkit": will be very useful for you.

  • The Wt toolkit has example code "wtwithqt" to show you how to combine wt and qt.
    Read the readme file "here": to find out about the compatibility issues (mainly qt vs boost threading) and their solution.

  • Wt seems to be very interesting and might be exactly what we need. I'm gonna take a look at the links you gave me.
    Thank you for the fast answers !

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