How to add lupdate and lrelease to makefile as a batch process

  • Is there a way to add the lupdate and lrelease to the build process so one would only need to call make (nmake in my case)? Currently it looks like it can done on a command line or from qcreator. I am trying to eliminate a couple of steps.

  • About lrelease - I'm using such code in my .pro file:

    ".SUFFIXES".depends = .ts .qm
    ".ts.qm".commands = lrelease -qm $@ $<

    locale.depends = $$replace(TRANSLATIONS, ".ts", ".qm")

    all.depends = locale

  • Thanks for responding. However, I don't see where the .pro additions created any extra instructions for the makefile to do anything. I want to mention again that I am using nmake via Win 7.1 SDK. Is your response for a Linux platform?

  • Your code doesn't work.

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